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61 percent of crypto investors are Hodlrs

Ziglu, UK regulated crypto exchange commissioned a study that found only one in four crypto investors describe themselves as short-term traders. Ziglu study found 26% of people who have bought digital currencies focus on short-term price movements as their trading strategy with most preferring to buy and hold for the long-term. Ziglu’s research shows a third (33%) say they are long-term investors while another 29% have long-term holdings while also trading on price movements. 

The difference in trading styles is reflected in the returns crypto investors are achieving – more than three-quarters (77%) say they have made gains on their long-term investments with 12% making gains of more than 50% on their original investments.

Ziglu’s study found crypto investors generally held their nerve during the summer sell-off in the market – around 42% of investors say they did not sell while 6% bought more. Around two out of five (38%) who sold some or all of their holdings made money while 14% who sold lost money on their investments.  

Mark Hipperson, Founder and CEO of Ziglu said: “The majority of crypto investors are in the market for the long-term and increasingly are buying and holding digital assets rather than chasing price rises. It is interesting to see that, despite the recent price drop, most investors held their nerve or if they did sell were able to realise some gains.“That said it remains the case that investing in crypto assets can also be risky which is why we believe that putting small amounts into the market regularly in order to smooth the impact of volatility as much as possible is a good strategy.”

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