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UAE DCS 2021 Features All-Star Line-up of Blockchain Experts

Dive into the metaverse at Blockchain World Abu Dhabi, featuring The Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit (DCS 2021) and Helicon Studio. Taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre from Dec. 15 – 17, 2021, Blockchain World brings together a team of 200 leading experts interested in advancing Blockchain technologies delving into the most detailed and relevant realms of the virtual world.

In a series of events and discussions featuring captivating keynote speeches, engaging Ted-Talk-style presentations, informative short-form presentations and insightful on-stage discussions, the summit aims to engage its audience of 20,000+ invitees from 2,000 global enterprises in current topics influencing this rapidly growing digital space.

Discover visionaries at DCS 2021, such as Oscar Clark, Chief of Curiosity at Fundamentally Games, bringing games to life and enjoying a “Fireside-Chat” with Jason Brink, President of Blockchain and Gala Games. Listen to the very best of global industry explain about key topics, including “Networking and Authentic Leadership” (Isaac Serwanga, An inspirational speaker and author) and “The Matrix Vs. The Metaverse” (Vesa, Digital artist & Speaker).

Witness engaging panel discussions bringing core real-world application of blockchain technology to the fore including:

  • Conscious Cities

Moderator: Niko De Jonghe, President – Blockchain Valley; Yael Tamar, Co-CEO and Founder of SolidBlock; Rico Pang, Co-Founder and Global CEO, Sanctum Global Ventures; Daven Michaels, Executive Chairman, CurrentC Power; Dereck Hoogenkamp, CEO and Founding Partner, Sanctum Assets

  • NFTs

Moderators: Crypto Sheikhs: Anas Bhurtun and Danosch Zahedi;
Giuseppe Moscatello, Cultural Producer and Founder of Evolve DXB; Kristel Bechara, NFT artist

  • The Technology of Trust and a Governed Future

Moderator: Gustavo Montero, Principal, GAM Advisory LLC; Jorge Sebastiao, Technology thought-leader and influencer; Kirill Mishanin, Co-Founder, Infodriver Capital; Dr. Jane Thomason, Co-Founder, British Blockchain and Frontier Tech Association

Commenting on this game-changing event, Adam Geri, head of the DCS Organizing Committee, said: “Interest in the Blockchain space has been growing rapidly for start-ups, entrepreneurs and legacy organizations. However, for governments and large multinationals, the situation is more challenging, hence the importance of DCS. Such events are the ideal platforms to launch discussions on ways to stir these organizations into action by identifying specific opportunities and the technical, organizational, cultural and talent changes necessary to realize new benefits.”

“Abu Dhabi is on the forefront of international cities that realize the future of Blockchain and digital currencies. With DCS we are taking the discussions to a more global level with a live and on-demand format targeting 100 million online followers and 50 million+ online visitors to the event,” he added.

As part of Blockchain World, the core focus of this event ranges from enterprise and government adoption of Blockchain to its diversity and social impact in a fast-changing world. The discussions will also focus on how Abu Dhabi can build a multibillion-dollar Blockchain economy or what is poised to become the new digital oil of the Middle East. Did you know for example that approximately 90 percent of the world’s data in 2013 was created between 2011 and 2012At the end of 2020, the virtual weight of all the information in the world was 44 zettabytes (trillion gigabytes), a figure featuring 21 zeroes!

At the Helicon Studio witness some of HeliconNFT Heroes in action: The Futurist, Brett King, Founder of the pioneering Neo Bank, Moven, implementing conversations about pioneers in innovation and technology; The Helicon Prince, the face of HeliconNFT himself, Tom Palmer, providing an overview of the future of play-to-earn in the Helicon World; The Investigator, Natalie Brunell, taking an up-close and personal look at three of the best lessons to be learned from Crypto Leaders.

Structured in a way that supports meaningful interactions between speakers, experts, participants and entrepreneurs, the main conference, which will be streamed live from DCS’s state-of-the-art studio, will bring together influencers, speakers, experts, and panelists from all industries breaking into the Blockchain space. The Blockchain expert-studded line-up includes Nobel Prize winner Dr. Finn Kydland, Nicole Purin (Founder and CEO Nikna Doda Films), Dr. Saifedean Ammous (Economist, Educator, Writer), Mark Van Rijmenam (Future Tech Strategist), Sacha Jafri (NFT Artist), Yael Tamer (Co-CEO and Founder), among others.

True to its avant-garde nature, the DCS 2021 event has created a series of engaging activities brought to life in a state-of-the-art exhibition space consisting of several main areas where guests can interact, learn and be entertained. Guests can look forward to live demonstrations, NFT artist “meet and greet” events at the NFT art gallery, live “play and earn” competitions and gaming activations at Gaming Zone, and crypto live-trading and giveaways at Crypto Zone. They will also meet crypto companies at DeFi Zone and get first-hand experiences at master-class workshops with prominent Blockchain and bitcoin experts and consultants on several topics such as “Money vs Bitcoin,” “Bitcoin for Women,” “How to Use an Exchange,” and more.

With 20,000+ attendees, 200+ experts, 50+ leading enterprises, and 1 million+ followers expected, Blockchain World, featuring DCS 2021, is set to become a leading event in decentralized culture and innovation across the region.

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