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900 crypto startups sign up to register at CV VC Labs UAE

400 companies registered in the UAE blockchain industry. 25% of them are in the DMCC,

The UAE is rapidly advancing as a blockchain capital and one of the world’s most progressive tech hubs. CV VC has successfully invested in 32 early-stage blockchain start-ups from around the world, 22 of which came via its distinguished CV Labs incubation program. With a recent office opened in Cape Town, Africa, and Dubai, CV VC Labs UAE, is reflective of its capability sharing, as it transfers know-how and experience from its hub at Switzerland’s Crypto Valley to serve UAE. So far 900 startups and companies have signed up to register at CV VC Labs UAE.

Selected startups from the UAE will join CV VC’s global CV Labs incubation program and receive an investment of up to USD 125,000. The three-month incubation program is driven by a team of founders and exposes participants to astute entrepreneurial advisory which 100 blockchain mentors will deliver from industry pioneers, global media, professional services, and of course experts from Europe’s leading blockchain ecosystem ,Crypto Valley.

Ralf Glabischnig, Co-Founder of CV Labs added: “We are very inspired by the region’s precision in creating the frameworks for blockchain startups since the UAE Securities Exchange Commission passed a regulatory framework requiring providers to register, to comply with a range of anti-money laundering, cybersecurity, and data protection laws. We are impressed with the Dubai state focus to extend thinking to the bricks and shovels aspect of blockchain, not only as a tech that creates cryptocurrencies but also as one that can lead the 4th industrial revolution. We are honored to bring our expertise to the UAE to work for industry transformations”.

In addition to incubation and investment opportunities for early-stage start-ups, CV VC brings the most proficient and established advisory services for corporate clients entering the digital space, including investment vehicles such as the CV VC Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) with a Swiss ISIN code allowing qualified global investors to engage in tech megatrends such as blockchain securely.

Oliver von Wolff, CV VC Managing Director of Dubai said; “I’m incredibly excited to lead the CV VC journey in the UAE, which as a nation is in a prime position to adopt the benefits of blockchain. I have experienced the region and particularly Dubai for two decades; therefore, I understand how Dubai will lead the revolutionary blockchain charge in the UAE region. Government and banking continue to be very focused on applying the technology, but we also see lots of interest from other industries, particularly those with a dependency on complex supply chains. What is most inspirational about Dubai is that its governing and leadership entities view blockchain as an intrinsic component of their vision to ensure the wellbeing of its economy and citizens”.

According to Wolff ” Currently, we have around 400 companies registered in the UAE blockchain industry. 25% of them are in the DMCC, which also shows the importance of the DMCC for the ecosystem in the UAE. We plan to onboard more than 1,000 companies in the DMCC until the end of next year and to be the number-one provider of blockchain licenses and infrastructure to our customers.”

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