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UAE Sheesha Finance Defi Fund partners with UAE Sanctum Global Ventures

UAE Sheesha Finance, DeFi Fund platform has partnered with UAE Sanctum Global Ventures. As per the announcement Sheesha Finance has partnered with Sanctum as both entities understand the importance of providing the right projects and the right teams with the capital they need to succeed. Sanctum Global Ventures is an ecosystem fund that invests, incubates, and accelerates unicorns within the emerging tech, healthcare and real estate space that contribute towards the development of the Global Digital Economy, Conscious Cities & Social Impact.

The alliance between Sanctum and Sheesha Finance will help enable both parties to provide a more effective and well-rounded capital investment and financial services solution to the highest impact areas, helping to discover and promote the future leaders of tomorrow’s industries.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the leading DeFi fund in the MENA region such as Sheesha Finance. This is an exciting time as we extend the reach of Sheesha Finance to fuel impactful projects that Sanctum Global Ventures is currently incubating,” says Rico Pang, CEO of Sanctum Global Ventures


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