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SeedOn builds Blockchain crowdfunding platform

 SeedOn is a blockchain crowdfunding solution whose goal is to revolutionize conventional crowdfunding, aiming to provide traceability and transparency to all stakeholders, to facilitate full control of their investments.

‘The total number of organizations adopting the blockchain technology has grown significantly year over year. One of the most overlooked industries when it comes to financial and human capital is crowdfunding, even though it holds significant potential for blockchain implementation. We aim to develop the next generation platform for crowdfunding that will minimize investments risks and promote transactions transparency with the help of blockchain technology.’ –Constantin-Claudiu Minea, SeedOn’s CEO & Co-Founder.

SeedOn’s represents the co-founders’ movement to apply blockchain technology to an often-overlooked industry, crowdfunding. Following the current market research, significant issues and drawbacks have been identified with the available platforms. Therefore, clear strategies and objectives to release these concerns have been defined as part of SeedOn’s company mission, which is to reduce fraud and increase the chances of success.

‘Through our documentation and research, we emphasize the need of building an environment that promotes trust and transparency so that investment’s risks are reduced. Having built a platform that promotes these principles will attract investors so that it will encourage them to prefer our solution for investments over the competition. SeedOn provides an innovative ecosystem as a new approach to conventional crowdfunding platforms so that it promotes three core values: trust, transparency, and cybersecurity.’ – company mission quote extracted from the co-founder’s interview on 

SeedOn aims to solve existing crowdfunding limitations. The solution’s main goal is to promote traceability, transparency, and accountability to all stakeholders so that they are in full control of their investments at all times. One highly important component of blockchain that helps with this concern is traceability so that information and funds can be easily located between different network members, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of data location.

The core feature that SeedOn solution will be using is a smart contract escrow model. Therefore, a controlled startup capital infusion will be guaranteed. Entrepreneurs will have access to a limited amount of cash flow until further objectives or targets of the project have been completed. This ensures that in case of a startup failure, the loss will be kept to a minimum, having the rest returned to investors.

The main features that SeedOn’s users will benefit from are as follows:

  • Securities transactions using crypto – investments can be done using SEON (SeedOn’s crypto token). Having SEON as a widely used way of payment will benefit investors and entrepreneurs as it will provide an easy way to earn passive income and appreciate the investment’s value.
  • Transaction transparency & accountability – SeedOn will foster transactions between investors and entrepreneurs in its environment using the distributed ledger technology so that transparency is ensured at all times.
  • Possibility to earn passive income – SeedOn’s plan is to allow securities transactions also as part of the platform so that equity crowdfunding campaigns will also be eligible.
  • User screening process & background check – In the early stages of the registration process, the first step of the screening process will be conducted by an AI algorithm checking for copyrights violations. Ultimately, a human will be manually checking the AI’s results and details provided until the AI algorithm will be mature enough to handle the whole process by itself.
  • Security & full control of your investments – Capital infusion will be done to startups in stages, meaning that entrepreneurs have access to a limited amount of money until further objectives or targets of the project have been completed.
  • Protect intellectual property – SeedOn will gate project details with an authentication mechanism so that only registered users have full access to startups information. As part of the registration process, investors will be required to fill in an NDA form so that the leak of any project information will not be allowed.
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