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UAE entrepeneur launches NFT marketplace

The NFT scene is flourishing as more and more entrepreneurs, businesses and well renowned stars take on the new fad. In Dubai UAE the scene is no different. One of the new entrants into the space is Mr. Abhay Agarwal, Founder Colexion, an NFT marketplace for digital creations in entertainment, art, sports and others. Colexion leverages Blockchain technology.

Abhay who is based out of the UAE set up a company sometime back in the mineral processing business, and today he invests not only in cryptocurrencies but also in startups in the FinTech field.

Colexion as he states to Business Standard, “Is an NFT marketplace where we plan to link sellers ( digital artists) for example with buyers. They can select from a range of digital creative as we empower digital creators with the tools. Every NFT on Colexion is digitally signed by the creator and permanently recorded and verified on the blockchain.”

In addition Colexion also offer Sports NFTs. Sports NFTs is the next billion dollar evolution, clearing stating that in the years to come, the digital ecosystem of the sport is probably the biggest thing to happen to cricket.

Abhay concludes, “it’s a one of a kind platform. Digital collectibles are becoming more and more valuable. With great learning and partnership in blockchain space we founded colexion the digital art collectible gallery.”

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