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SEBA Hong Kong Gains Approval-in-Principle, Paving the Way for Licensed Cryptocurrency Services

SEBA Bank, a comprehensive global cryptocurrency bank that offers a range of financial services tailored to the digital era, covering wealth management, investments, trading, and advisory solutions, has made an important announcement.

It reveals that SEBA Hong Kong, its regional subsidiary, has obtained a conditional approval (Approval-in-Principle or AIP) from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong.

The AIP has been granted to SEBA Hong Kong in relation to its application for a license to engage in regulated activities within Hong Kong’s jurisdiction. These activities encompass dealing in securities, which includes virtual asset-related products such as over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives and structured products.

Additionally, SEBA Hong Kong is permitted to provide advisory services for both securities and virtual assets, and it is authorized to carry out asset management for discretionary accounts in the domains of conventional securities and virtual assets.

Upon formal issuance, this license will enable SEBA Hong Kong to join the initial cohort of licensed corporations in Hong Kong that are authorized to provide investment services enhanced with crypto capabilities. This move positions the Switzerland and UAE-based bank as a prominent pioneer in the rapidly growing crypto economy of Hong Kong.

It is worth noting that securing an AIP represents the initial stage for SEBA Hong Kong on its journey towards obtaining an official license, granting the authority to operate as a licensed entity, contingent upon fulfilling all stipulated SFC prerequisites.

The forthcoming license of SEBA Hong Kong stands as a pivotal milestone within its Asia Pacific strategy. This strategy is centered around establishing a physical presence to deliver wealth management, investment, and advisory services to investors, emphasizing the security and enriched customer experience that inherently accompanies engagement with a regulated institution.

Christian Borel,
Senior Executive Officer at SEBA Bank ADGM

When asked about the matter, Christian Borel, Senior Executive Officer at SEBA Bank ADGM, told UNLOCK Blockchain, “Reflecting upon SEBA’s pivotal position with the Hong Kong license, I am reminded of the profound journey we’ve undertaken. As a Senior Executive Officer at SEBA Bank, I believe this moment signifies a remarkable stride forward. Our acquisition of licenses in both Singapore and Hong Kong underscores the global regulatory shift towards embracing virtual assets—a transformation that owes much to the progressive ethos of the UAE and Switzerland.

The UAE, in particular, has orchestrated a remarkable feat, establishing an infrastructure that beckons talents and investors from all corners of the world. Its allure is mirrored by the regulatory framework that underpins this financial development. Just as an artist draws inspiration from their surroundings, we at SEBA view our institution as a work of art—an intricate masterpiece that commands attention and significance.”

He continued, “With four years under our belt, we carry a backpack loaded not only with experience but also with invaluable lessons. Our close collaboration with regulators has led us, and them, to a deep understanding of this intricate space. This collective effort has undoubtedly fortified SEBA’s standing, positioning us confidently before the discerning eyes of Hong Kong and Singapore’s regulators.”

Christian concluded, “As we navigate this path, SEBA’s evolution mirrors an artwork that harmonizes innovation with the watchful gaze of regulatory bodies. It stands as a living testament to the potential that unfolds when regulatory wisdom converges with the boldness of pioneering financial ventures. Our narrative is one of growth, collaboration, and the orchestration of regulatory harmonies—a symphony in which SEBA proudly plays its unique and resonant melody.”

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