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Understanding the SEC’s Hidden Agenda: Why an Appeal in the Ripple Case Is Unlikely

The CEO of a crypto-focused venture capital fund, who also happens to be a former federal prosecutor, believes that the United States securities regulator, the SEC, is unlikely to immediately appeal the recent Ripple case ruling.

The ruling granted a partial summary judgment in favor of Ripple Labs concerning XRP’s classification as a security. While some anticipated a potential appeal from the SEC, Haun Ventures CEO Katie Haun, suggests that the regulator might prefer to maintain the “current confusion” surrounding the issue, as it currently benefits from the lack of “legal clarity.”

According to Haun, an immediate appeal would require the SEC to request the court to separate this decision from the portion going to trial, which might be unlikely. Moreover, she is skeptical that the SEC genuinely desires legal clarity in this matter, as losing an appeal could undermine its future enforcement actions. In summary, she believes that the SEC might choose to remain silent to avoid jeopardizing its strategic position in the ongoing Ripple case.

Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse shares a similar view, believing it could take years before the SEC decides to appeal, and such an appeal could strengthen the court’s decision that XRP is not a security.

Jeremy Hogan, a U.S. lawyer and Ripple commentator, expects the SEC to launch an appeal after the trial between SEC and Ripple concludes, which is scheduled for early 2024.

The recent Ripple case ruling has implications for other ongoing cases, as the SEC is suing crypto exchanges Binance and Coinbase over alleged securities law violations. Although not a binding precedent, the ruling’s impact on other cases has been a topic of discussion. Crypto commentators and lawmakers have called for Congress to provide legal clarity to the cryptocurrency industry in light of this ruling.

Brian Quintenz, former commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and now head of policy for venture capital fund a16z crypto, believes the Ripple court ruling adds to uncertainty for entrepreneurs and builders.

The recent ruling in the Ripple case highlights the critical importance of establishing a clear and comprehensive regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry. As voices from various stakeholders, including former officials, CEOs, and lawmakers, echo the call for decisive action, the urgency to provide legal clarity becomes apparent.

Congress holds the key to shaping the future of this rapidly evolving sector, and by addressing the current regulatory uncertainty, it can pave the way for responsible innovation, foster a thriving ecosystem, and bolster investor confidence. With the right framework in place, the cryptocurrency industry can flourish, unlocking its full potential and contributing to the broader financial landscape in a secure and sustainable manner.

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