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Quube announces the Google of crosschain internet

Quube Exchange ( has been developing an intelligent blockchain ecosystem for the decentralized trade of multiple asset classes including securities. It is also an applicant at UAE’s ADGM ( Abu Dhabi Global Market) STO marketplace license. It recently announced its  newly unified market platforms are now Crypto-to-Fiat (EFT high monetary value transactions) at and Private Equity Tokenization (and Decentralized Trades) at

 Under Quantum Warriors OÜ, Quube Exchange recently announced plans to become a US public company through a strategic merger with enterprise software developer LevelBlox, Inc. (OTCM: LVBX), including a growth capital raise and share placement.

This merge underscores Quube’s role in the growing DeFi, DFS and NFT markets to strategically consolidate business efforts, while utilizing company talent pools to introduce new DeFi and Cross-Chain Internet tools.

Anzor “Enzo” Zhemukhov, Quube founder, CEO and 2021 Startup Innovation World Cup winner in Dubai, gave a 5-year company strategy stated, “We begin with a cross chain-based DeFi protocol for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and a secondary market for hassle-free NFT token swapping, followed by tokenization of other asset types, including promotion of liquidity pools around investments linked to NFT-creator smart contract tokens.

“We follow this with a unified identification system application to facilitate a compliant market by deploying a DeFi swap protocol for private equity capital markets, enabling tokenization and DeFi trading of digitized securities.

“And most importantly slated for 2022 launch is deployment of a cross-chain protocol – a unified Mega-Chain-Wallet-Browser based on cross-chain file storage systems and AI (CDFS). This protocol establishes a super chain web browser and search engine, serving as a multi-crypto wallet and identification tool supporting P2P messengers, real time paid streams, smart paper view, NFT-of-things, De-Fi cross-chain trade, banking and cross-chain internet. We refer to this as ‘the new Google’ and future Internet model as we see most communications, media, networking, banking and search giants will soon see market users re-intermediated by decentralized smart chain nodes, which is our ultimate project goal.”

Zhemukhov is also leading Quube in taking on one of the greatest challenges in today’s crypto world  parabolic increase through quantum computing as a part of a new consensus, known as “Quube Reverse Protocol” (QRP).

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