Woonkly Blockchain DeFi and NFT startup sponsors Dubai’s Global Blockchain Congress

Woonkly is targeting the Middel East Market

Woonkly, the startup that aspires to become a unicorn, is going after the Middle East market as the main sponsor of the Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai, focused on decentralized finance and the very popular Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Woonkly is an Estonian company dedicated to creating blockchain-based technology products. The founder and CEO is Daniel Santos, a serial entrepreneur, and Youtuber of economics and geopolitics.

‘Entrepreneurship is a path that takes years where one day you feel on top of the world and the next you have nothing,’ says Daniel Santos, known as ‘Mr. Santos’.′ Disruption is one of the values of Woonkly, whose technological developments delve into decentralized finances and NFTs. So is empowering its users, to whom it plans to give back control over their data and finances, through products such as its NFT Decentralized Social Network.

Woonkly and NFTs

The world is changing, and new technologies are advancing rapidly. Woonkly is riding the wave and catering to these emerging sectors by creating breakthrough technologies so that any user can take advantage of the benefits of blockchain in everyday spaces such as a social network, investments, or buying art.

A digital artist sold through the famous auction house Christie’s his NFT artwork ‘Everydays: The first 5000 days’ for about 58 million euros.

Woonkly is betting on this type of digital assets and will present in Dubai during the 7th Edition of the Global Blockchain Congress ‘Celebrating DeFi And NFTs’ by Agora Group, its next flagship product. An NFT Marketplace that converts in a few clicks any digital asset (Image, audio, text, or video) into a tradable NFT and also ensures the ownership of the same through the registration of the user with a KYC (Know Your Client), a system used to identify a person.

As of today, Woonkly has a team of 35 professionals from all business fields, spread across several countries worldwide, and expects to be 60 by the end of the year.

The blockchain is an ecosystem where most things are yet to be done. This represents a tremendous market opportunity for Woonkly, as there are many areas in which it is necessary to innovate, and many needs to be covered. Woonkly has gone from being just a startup with an idea to a technology solutions company, ‘Woonkly Labs,’ that will surprise us by bringing the Blockchain to ‘ordinary people.’

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