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Islamic Based Cryptocurreny Caizcoin to launch first Islamic Blockchain offer for financial service

German based Caizcoin cryptocurrency built with the core principle of bringing the Islamic and western countries together, is launching the world’s first Islamic blockchain offering seamless financial services to Muslims and non-muslims.
Caizcoin is not only limited to Muslim investors; anyone can access and benefit from its services. It also provides users with fast and cost-efficient money transfers all across the globe at a minute cost. This token is backed by the metal price, which also makes it receptive to uncertain volatilities. Users can freely trade and transact with it as there is no holding period involved. Users can also use its configurable API for accepting payments.
Caizcoins Team comprises a young, like-minded group of developers who want to aid digital solutions for drawbacks faced by the Islamic finance sector. Caizcoin aims to provide users with faster and more reliable finance services by incorporating new technologies complying with Islamic Finance rules enabling borderless transactions at low costs. In 2020, The global blockchain technology market size was valued at USD 3.67 billion, of which the financial services segment accounted for more than 38.0% share with companies such as Coinbase Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: COIN) leading this list. Caizcoin has also received a “fatwa certificate” from the council of Islamic experts, making it officially compliant with Islamic laws.
Collaborators who want to attain this coin will have to comply with its detailed KYC review, ensuring all its vendors adhere to Islamic principles. It also offers a free threshold limit, where users can benefit from zero free transactions up to a specific limit. Although, the company is yet to disclose the exact amount of limit.
Caizcoin will offer an entire ecosystem enabling seamless financial services. The CAIZ token will soon be listed on the UniSwap exchange, and users will also be able to earn rewards with its liquidity portal and other platforms. The company will soon launch its blockchain while adhering to “Islamic Principles”. 
Islamic Banking is experiencing much higher market growth rates in western countries. Islamic principles prohibit speculation and the practice of overloading companies with debt. Hence, they appeal highly to those worried about the financial system’s stability or interested in ethical banking practices. The Caizcoin blockchain will be this generation’s first Islamic blockchain offering users maximum security. It will add many technological advancements to CAIZ, making it suitable for everyone alike. Built upon a decentralized stalked blockchain, Caizcoin will act as a stepping stone for many upcoming cryptocurrencies to follow Islamic principles.

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