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GroundX Developer of Blockchain platform Klaytn to launch NFT minting service

Ground X, the developer of the public blockchain platform Klaytn launched an NFT minting service ‘KrafterSpace’ that makes creating and managing NFTs simple for everyone. KrafterSpace allows users to easily create and manage their digital items with minimum effort. Users can instantly mint an NFT on Klaytn simply by uploading an image or a video file. The process does not incur any gas fees. Users can then choose to display their NFTs on the main page of KrafterSpace, exhibited alongside other users’ NFTs.
KrafterSpace can be accessed via Kaikas, the web browser extension wallet that connects to the Klaytn network. Users can store NFTs in their Kaikas accounts, which are also supported by OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. Users can sync their OpenSea accounts with Kaikas wallet to start trading Klaytn-powered NFTs.
Klaytn is the first public blockchain platform, after Ethereum, to be supported by OpenSea. Currently available Klaytn-based NFTs on OpenSea include game and sports-related NFT items issued by blockchain services Five Stars for Klaytn, Honor of Kingdoms, and Project WITH. More collectibles, digital arts, and game items will be available for peer-to-peer trading in the near future.
“We invite users, artists, and creators, to easily build and manage their NFTs on Klaytn, and also interact with the larger NFT community worldwide,” said Jason Han, the CEO of Ground X.

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