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SmartLink ecommerce payment project built on Tezos raises half a million USD

Smartlink, a global payment ecosystem being built  on the Tezos blockchain, has raised $500,000 in its first private funding round. The private token sale preceding the Initial Coin Offering was oversubscribed and led by Zoompass Holdings Inc (“Zoompass”), Blockgration Global Corp (“BGC”), and Procurement and Sourcing software provider, Sourcing Force.      
The backing of the Smartlink project by these industry leaders is a testament to the unique business model Smartlink brandishes, aiming to change global e-commerce and how we buy and sell products and services ordinarily. Besides the cash injection, each of these partners will bring their industry expertise to help the Smartlink project attain its predefined objectives. While the terms of this extra support are currently being finalized, the obvious benefits to the Smartlink ecosystem are innumerable.
Zoompass is a leader in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ecosystem with extensive Fintech capabilities. Drawing on Zoompass’s unique and comprehensive infrastructures that cut across blockchain-centric technology, asset tokenization, mobile payments and more, Smartlink will ride on these technological strengths to bolster its current trustless payment designs. Zoompass’s broad network in the payment space across the globe will also help in facilitating a mainstream adoption of the Smartlink escrow services and marketplace.
Per the terms of the partnership, BGC will supply Smartlink with its expertise as a Digital Wallet solution. Smartlink will also benefit from BGC’s extensive link to trading platforms and exchanges to promote a genuinely vibrant ecosystem for its products. On the other hand, Sourcing Force will help enhance Smartlink’s logistics and marketplace management through its Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Relationship Management, and other unique areas of expertise.
While the cryptocurrency ecosystem is growing and gradually recording mainstream interests, the support of these investors will help Smartlink change the current payments processing world through a refined set of use cases. Besides these highlighted core roles, it is worthy of note that these partnerships are long-term. Over time, Smartlink will functionally evolve in ways which bring mutual benefits to its ecosystem partners and community as a whole.
“The Smartlink project was born out of the need to usher in Trust-as-a-service by creating a new model of payment for cryptocurrency users and the global marketplace to get more value from the space. Our project is built on the Tezos blockchain, guaranteeing an autonomous, fast and secure infrastructure. Crypto is still in its infancy and our mission is to be here for many years to come. The team’s commitment to this cause is unwavering, and we trust that our growing community can join us in this exciting adventure,” said Ben Constanty, CEO of Smartlink.
Smartlink Project,  will be launching an Initial Coin Offering on May 5th 2021

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