GrayStone Company moves into Bitcoin Mining in Florida USA

GrayStone Company moves into Bitcoin Mining in Florida USA

Graystone Company, is intending to move into Bitcoin Mining with the objective of setting up operations in Miami, Florida. This decision comes after the city of Miami began offering incentives to businesses in the crypto industry including mining operations.  Graystone's CEO has been involved in the cryptocurrency space including Bitcoin mining since 2019.

As such Graystone announced that it would be remiss if it did not take advantage of its experience and knowledge in this field and pursue this opportunity, especially considering the recent shift in momentum within the cryptocurrency industry. With that in mind, the company will be pursuing BTC mining as a hedge against its Health and Wellness line. This will allow the company the flexibility to move in whatever direction is most favorable over the long term. 

This adjustment to the business plan will require a revision to our recent Reg A filing. As such, the company will cease any offerings under the Reg A filing and will begin working on a Post-Effective Amendment that will include the new division. 


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