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QTUM blockchain with crypto exchange Indacoin

QTUM, a decentralized open-sourced public blockchain platform, has partnered with the leading fiat-to-crypto exchange that allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies using bank cards, Indacoin Limited. 

The main focus of the collaboration between QTUM and Indacoin is to simplify interaction with the native platform token QTUM by enabling instant crypto purchases with Visa & Mastercard bank cards. Indacoin provides QTUM with the ability to make the user experience of its audience the most secure and easy. The new functionality will be understandable for both advanced traders and beginners in the crypto area, which will contribute not only to attracting new QTUM holders, but also crypto mass adoption in general. To enhance the effect, in addition to introducing technical innovations, the companies plan to please the community with joint promotions and marketing campaigns.

Qtum is an open-sourced public blockchain platform that was founded in 2016 by a team of strong professionals experienced both in the crypto market and tech. The project is based on leveraging the security of UTXO while enabling multiple virtual machines including EVM and the revolutionary x86 VM. QTUM functionality includes a business-friendly smart contract platform, decentralized application platform, enterprise blockchain services, and more. Indacoin Limited, in turn, is known for being the first to introduce the service of instant cryptocurrency purchases using bank cards in 2014. The company has hundreds of well-known partners and clients who are attracted by one of the most advanced anti-fraud systems on the market and transaction speed. This partnership definitely will make the crypto mainstream come faster. 

Guilherme Jovanovic, CBDO of Indacoin Limited, commented on the news: “We are pleased to announce this partnership with QTUM, a well-recognized and loved project by a large community across the globe, for whom it will be even easier to get QTUM with their bank cards. I am very eager to start this cooperation and make QTUM mainstream!”

“Qtum Foundation is delighted that QTUM is listed on Indacoin, a well-established and trusted actor in the space. We are always looking to find synergies with other actors, and we see benefits for the ecosystems of both Indacoin and Qtum. Fiat payment rails are a vital piece of the crypto jigsaw that will boost long-term usage and adoption of Qtum.” – said Jordan Earls, Co-founder of Qtum Foundation.

The QTUM public network project has ambitious plans for 2021. For instance, the team announced via the official GitHub channel that on April 30, the Qtum Fast Lane version will be activated through a hard fork. The new network reportedly reduced the block creation time to 32 seconds.

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