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UAE Ministry of Community Development implements Blockchain based storage solution

Utilizing Proximax Sirius Blockchain solution MOCD implemented a storage solution that allowed e-voting and e-notary services

UAE Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) has implemented data storage solution using Blockchain platform from Proximax. As the need for data storage systems increased especially when it came to notarization process of critical government and commercial documents, MOCD required a solution that would not jeaopordize data in the system but at the same time ensure it was digitized and could be shared securely. 
MOCD found the solution in a  decentralized infrastructure such as the one provided by blockchain technology. The challenge, however, was choosing the right blockchain solution that enabled them to build on top of their existing infrastructure. This was critical because MOCD did not want their entire infrastructure changed but only some parts that were in dire need of a decentralized solution, such as their data security, e-notary, and e-voting system. 
This is where ProximaX came in.  Compared to traditional blockchain infrastructures, ProximaX is a class ahead. It brings together the usability of a distributed storage, peer-to-peer streaming, Supercontracts, and other service layers into one unified framework. Of course, besides its exclusive features, ProximaX also brings the basic benefits of blockchain, which are, resilience, transparency, immutability, irreversibility, and traceability. These advanced features led MOCD to choose ProximaX for building their next-generation storage, voting, and notary infrastructure that are suitable for enterprises.
Proximax deployed a permission blockchain platform built using Proxima Sirius. It provided a blockchain based storage system alongside a decentralized e-voting and e-notary solution. The decentralized storage according to Proximax now enables MOCD to store their documents and voting results in an immitable and tamper evident system. 
Furthermore, the e-notary system built on ProximaX Sirius allows notarizing the documents electronically in a safe ecosystem, where no one can change the details of the document once recorded. And the e-voting module allows members of MOCD to cast votes electronically without the fear of the votes being tampered with. Following the votes, an immutable and tamper-evident storage system stores the results, making it impossible to change the results.
While MOCD has only implemented two solutions as of yet, the platform’s API gateway enables MOCD developers to continue adding further applications whilst only requiring minimal knowledge of the underlying distributed infrastructure.
Prior to this MOCD had worked with Proximax on a Proof of Concept implementing Sirius Blockchain platform. The UAE Ministry of Community and Development since 2019 has been working on various Blockchain solutions and implementations. 


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