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Wesco Oil and Gas entity to use EZ blockchain to transform gas flaring to power crypto mining

Regulations steps on the foot of the producers. Gas flaring exemption permits are harder to get. The whole Oil&Gas industry has been waiting for a solution to the practice of flaring for years, and while some solutions have been introduced, none are widely adopted. Wesco Operating, Inc.’s oil field is located in Utah and has been no stranger to gas flaring.  Finally, Wesco saw the opportunity for their organization in the new Smartgrid flaring mitigation systems by EZ Blockchain.


EZ Blockchain a full service crypto mining facility with with a Smartgrid system converts natural gas into electricity which is used to power crypto mining operations.  The solutions delivered expected results to the company, and Wesco recognized the long-term sustainability and two-way benefits in the new EZ Blockchain model to monetize natural gas while reducing flaring.

The future of this oil company now includes natural gas monetization. The added benefits from the crypto mining gains Wesco and EZ Blockchain even more growth potential in months to come.


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