Hut 8 Bitcoin Mining company partners with Validus Power

Hut 8 Mining corporation (TSX: HUT) has entered into exclusive partnership discussions with Validus Power Corporation to secure new revenue streams and energy solutions for its bitcoin mining operations.  The partners are exploring the co-development of an industrial scale energy generation platform that would take full advantage of the proprietary technologies and expertise of both companies. Together, Hut 8 and Validus believe they will be able to support and advance long-term ESG objectives while delivering financial innovation and positive overall outcomes.

Validus Power Corp. provides its customers the ability to efficiently generate reliable power, wherever and whenever it is needed, which is critical for Hut 8 to support its mining operations. Generation of low-cost electricity by leveraging alternative fuel sources, such as those from the Oil & Gas industry, marks a significant milestone in the relationship between the Energy and Bitcoin mining industries. This exclusive partnership discussion between these two Canadian companies represents a major advancement towards digital energy.

“Hut 8 is more than a bitcoin miner. We are accelerators and innovators in the blockchain and big data ecosystem and have a responsibility to build and explore alternative mining practices,” says Jaime Leverton, CEO, Hut 8 Mining. “The future of our industry and our commitment to our investors is to continuously push new, creative ways of thinking which drive our competitive advantage. Just like we invest in hardware and get ahead of the supply constraints, the same thoughtful approach needs to be applied to our Energy & ESG objectives.”

Recently ranked 11th (of 10,000) on the 2021 OTCQX® Best 50, the Hut 8 leadership team is continually looking for ways to challenge traditional approaches in order to find innovative, powerful, industry-leading solutions – a mindset now being applied to their ESG and carbon footprint reduction strategy. With the potential partnership, Hut 8 would be the first Bitcoin Miner to take advantage of a cutting-edge turn-key mobile power plant and data center fleet – responsibly scalable and on-demand.

“On behalf of the Validus team, we are excited to be exploring the application of our advanced energy solutions to Bitcoin mining, exclusively with Hut 8. The crypto-mining sector represents a massive opportunity for energy innovation that maximizes both environmental and economic performance,” says Todd Shortt, CEO, Validus Power Corp. “We’re excited about the potential we have to lead the broader global mining industry as two Canadian forces of innovation collaborating on an efficient energy solution.”


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