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Techemy Capital Digital asset investment firm launches ETH-BTC portfolio

Digital asset investment firm Techemy Capital has launched of its Holistic ETH-BTC Portfolio in partnership with on-chain asset management company Enzyme Finance(formerly Melon Protocol). Powered by digital asset data infrastructure company Brave New Coin, the Holistic ETH-BTC Portfolio is an actively traded portfolio that provides exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum price action using Techemy Capital’s long and short trading strategies, designed by its in-house trading team. The portfolio quantifies bullish or bearish conditions to add or subtract from each investor’s starting position, based on an assessment of on-chain activity, token age spent, and technical analysis. The Holistic ETH-BTC Portfolio executes trading decisions using the daily price chart on Brave New Coin’s Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) and Ethereum Liquid Index (ELX).  

The portfolio is powered by Enzyme, an Ethereum-based infrastructure for on-chain asset management. Enzyme helps professional fund managers to build and scale their investing strategies with an emphasis on security; providing a safe, easy, and low-cost way to create and operate an investment strategy with built-in accounting tools. Enzyme connects fund managers to a pool of potential investors, making it easier to attract and build a community of supporters. It also provides access to a broad ecosystem of DeFi tokens and protocols. Enzyme is integrated with Chainlink price oracles, which enables reliable real-time pricing. 

Key features of the Holistic ETH-BTC Portfolio include: 

  • Non-custodial storage. Ethereum smart contracts replace the need for intermediaries while ensuring safe asset storage, putting investors in control of their funds at all times. 
  • No human error. The portfolio’s architecture allows Techemy to program it to behave per preset parameters, eliminating the risk of human error. 
  • Transparency. Ethereum blockchain technology ensures each transaction’s validity, immutability of transactions and total visibility over assets’ movement on the public ledger. Investors are able to track the portfolio’s performance and NAV 24/7/365.
  • Low cost. Innovations in DeFi help reduce administrative costs by 98 percent, meaning investors pay less in commission and no hidden fees.
  • Flexible subscription and withdrawal. Investors are able to buy-in and exit from the portfolio at any time. There are no lock-ups or freeze periods, which increases capital efficiency. 

The portfolio’s rotation of assets includes Wrapped Bitcoin ($wBTC), Ethereum ($ETH), USD Coin ($USDC), Inverse ETH ($iETH), and Inverse BTC ($iBTC). These inverse assets, powered by Synthetix, allow Techemy’s traders to profit from a decline in price of the underlying asset. Techemy is able to access deep liquidity across the entire Ethereum network thanks to Enzyme’s integration with Paraswap, a Decentralised Exchange aggregator that optimises order routing and minimises slippage.

 Following this launch, Techemy Capital will roll out a Managed DeFi Portfolio to offer investors an exposure to the entire DeFi ecosystem.  

“Following the exceptional performance of Techemy Capital’s private DeFi Portfolio in 2020, we are excited to open this product through Enzyme to the broader investor community,” said Fran Strajnar, Founder of Techemy Capital and Brave New Coin. “We are looking forward to working with Enzyme and our growing number of exchange partners to deliver the highest-grade digital asset and DeFi investment products.” 


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