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Diginex launches SaaS solution blockchain enabled ESG reporting platform

Diginex Solutions, an ESG data software company has launched a first-to-market enterprise SaaS solution that sets a new standard for simple and affordable ESG reporting. Fueled by the substantial growth of sustainable finance, a company’s ESG—environmental, social and governance—data has become essential for helping investors assess a company’s risk exposure and long-term sustainability. Diginex Solutions’ latest product streamlines essential ESG data reporting, so that companies can efficiently respond to investors, executives, regulators and the public at large. The technology enables companies with limited reporting experience to onboard with a self-guided user journey and share a blockchain-enabled audit trail.

ESG reporting’s prominence and importance is continuing to skyrocket, transforming from a mere  trend into an investment and business necessity. The breadth of reporting covered is comprehensive, and includes climate change, sustainability efforts, resource scarcity, labour practices, talent management, board and staff diversity and inclusivity, executive pay and business ethics, many of which are hot-button topics in the current socio-economic landscape.

What’s more, investors, board directors, and corporate executives are increasingly turning to ESG data to make informed decisions; businesses are also increasingly required to provide this data to be listed on major stock exchanges. Getting ahead of the game with an organization’s ESG reporting is therefore essential as investors look to this data to future-proof their portfolios.

“DiginexESG is democratizing sustainability by introducing an ESG tech reporting solution that is both highly scalable and affordable,” says Mark Blick, CEO of Diginex Solutions. “We help companies overwhelmed by sustainability data provision requirements navigate a complex reporting landscape in accordance with global reporting frameworks, making it simple, cost-effective and digital. We are truly pleased by the significant traction our platform is generating from early customers and partners globally.”

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