ZeroExchange by Avalanche Blockchain launches on Christmas day

ZeroExchange, the trustless, decentralized exchange powered by the Avalanche blockchain. Inspired by UniSwap (and its fork, SushiSwap) has been launched.  Zero Exchange brings sub-second block times with near instantaneous transaction confirmation and zero trading fees for a rapid-speed trading experience without gas or transaction costs.

Built on Avalanche, Zero Exchange delivers the benefits of a sophisticated new blockchain that had its mainnet launch only a short month ago. Avalanche boasts Visa-level transaction speeds, is resilient to 51% attacks, is the only blockchain that supports multiple virtual machines, and delivers with sub-second transaction finality. Much like its predecessors, Sushi and Uni – Zero Exchange will be community-led and incorporate governance tokens to vote on proposals and distribute rewards. Users will be happy to also learn that yield farming – properly dubbed, Snow Farms will provide the community with opportunities to earn Zero by staking coins such as ETH, USDT, DAI, and many others.

As part of its roadmap, Zero Exchange users will be able to power up their Snow Farm by collecting custom NFTs that will be exclusively for sale for a limited time.

Developed early before Christmas the team of industry veterans is led by Commander-in-Chief, Secret Santa. “We welcome users from UniSwap and SushiSwap to try Zero, be impressed and know there’s a new alternative in town.”

Airdrop of Zero coins starts December 25th, 2020 to those who register and participate by following Zero Exchange on Twitter and joining our Telegram channel – further details and how to earn Zero can be found on the sign up page.



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