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Dent Wireless Blockchain eSim marketplace now covers UAE KSA and Kuwait

DENT Wireless based in Hong Kong and founded in 2014 by Tero Katajainen, is a marketplace which tokenizes telco assets as well as the buying and selling of mobile data packages, voice minutes and more.

According to Dent Wireless website, the vision of the company is to build a worldwide data with eSIM and liberalize the mobile data market. As per the founders, “Our vision is to be the first global and truly digital operator that provides worldwide access to mobile data without using outdated SIM cards. The eSIM technology is growing in importance and will be the standard for mobile data.”

As such Dent Wireless created a global marketplace using blockchain technology so that users globally could have the opportunity to buy and sell mobile data and voice pacakges. As per DENT Wireless this is also creating new opportunities for telecom industry.

For example PLDT HK customers in Hong Kong are currently able buy and sell their mobile data with each other using DENT’s prototype app for iOS. This prototype, an extension of DENT’s commercial app, is powered by blockchain technology and utilizes DENT tokens as the currency for trading.

Since then DENT has been striving to launch commercial services in cooperation with mobile operators around the world. Offering mobile data trading with DENT is a great opportunity for Telcos to attract and retain customers, to drive additional revenues and to create a positive brand image by giving customers a new and exciting way of engagement,” said Ramon Greep, SVP Telco Operations, DENT Wireless.

In December 2020 DENT Wireless announced on twitter that it had added five countries to the DENT eSIM coverage including countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ukraine and Vietnam. As such the Blockchain powered telco is now present in 80 countries.

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