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HashCash signs up New clients in KSA and UAE for Blockchain implementations

HashCash Consultants is extending its blockchain expertise to a leading Saudi manufacturer, by helping the latter to streamline their electronic products supply chain across geographies by integrating HC Net with the existing infrastructure. HashCash intends to bring transparency and traceability into the system while preventing any chance of counterfeits in the supply chain. 

Raj Chowdhury, CEO of HashCash Consultants, commented, “The manufacturing industry is in need of a secure and smart supply chain, which can operate cost-effectively and transparently, and maintain the timeliness, enabling the key players to trace the supply chain. HC Net empowers enterprises, bringing all their supply chain operations under one roof, devoid of any third-party intermediaries, powered by advanced cryptographic security and traceability. The supply chain participants are allowed to access information and trace the transactions, but the immutability of blockchain ensures that there is no alteration without a consensus.”     

Integrating HC Net with the Saudi company’s existing system will uphold the sustainability and authenticity of the entire process of sourcing materials and trace it over the network. The blockchain infrastructure will track everything from sourcing and manufacture of products to distribution, minimizing any scope of product counterfeiting. 

HashCash has partnered with enterprises on similar projects, specifically the blockchain-based PPE supply chain management for a manufacturer in the US. The leading blockchain development company uses its DLT network HC Net to build the futuristic architecture of a transparent and distributed supply chain protocol. All of the key players that are involved in manufacturing and distribution become participants within the network. The reformed system allows them to track the products in real-time, owing to the transparency and traceability of blockchain. 

Hashcash also recently announced that it has partnered with an enterprise in Abu Dhabi UAE to facilitte their property development through HashCash tokenization platform. 

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