UAE Dubai Civil Aviation Authority joins Du telecom Blockchain edge

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority announced during Gitex Technology Week 2020 that it will be joining  the brand’s blockchain network having selected du Blockchain Edge to host its own “node “. 

Following integration with Dubai Pulse Cloud, du will manage, monitor, operate, and deliver all infrastructure and production components, supporting critical functions and enabling DCAA services to be operational and accessible 24/7. Business continuity and enhanced security will be guaranteed regardless of any social or environmental challenges, while DCAA will also benefit from significant operational expenditure savings. Investing in new resources and infrastructure planning will no longer be necessary due to cloud migration, and the governing body can instead focus on solutions and applications.

Farid Faraidooni, Chief New Business and Innovation Officer du, said, “Creating value for our partners and facilitating sustained progress through futuristic capabilities are core areas of our vision here at du. Business excellence and innovation are imperative to success in this direction, both of which will drive us to ensure DCAA benefits from the Dubai Pulse Cloud migration and our Blockchain expertise. Efficiency and security are paramount in the digital transformation arena, areas that DCAA will enhance tremendously in the coming period.”

In joining the blockchain network, DCAA will also enjoy Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS, and Blockchain Platform as a Service, BPaas, with du managing the components and operating model. The DCAA will leverage Blockchain Edge capabilities to achieve scalability, provide seamless digital services, and increase efforts centred on business needs and demands. Furthermore, the ability to exchange data digitally with greater security will also be provided through integration with the unified business registry network.

Abdulrahim Al Mulla, Executive Director of Corporate Support and Communication Sector, DCAA, said, “Migrating our data centres to Dubai Pulse Cloud and the integration with du Blockchain Edge represents the next stage of fulfilling our leadership obligations and ensuring sustainability in the field of safety, security, and environmental protection. The continued development of civil aviation and the air transport industry requires new digital capabilities and security, areas where our ambitions will translate to reality with support from du.”

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