UAE’s American Hospital of Dubai to utilize Blockchain

Gulf News recently interviewed Sherif Beshara, Group CEO – Mohamed and Obaid Almulla Group of Companies, which operates American Hospital Dubai, about impact of emerging healthcare technologies one of which is blockchain. 

According to Beshara, the American Hospital in Dubai has started their journey utilizing AI, data analytics, for enahnced health outcomes, patient experience, health surveillance and operational efficiencies. he explained in the interview, ”  We are currently focusing on AI in the areas of mammogram screening and stroke detection. American Hospital Dubai signed an agreement with Cerner to develop and launch the first AI research lab in the region with the goal to provide a surveillance platform and enhance patient care and experience.

As for Blockchain technology he stated it can be extremely useful in healthcare because it can streamline communications, faster diagnostics and provide faster access to medical records.  In his statements to Gulf News, he states, ” Blockchain allows healthcare professionals and patients to focus on the priorities with much more efficiency and utmost confidentiality. Because blockchain maximises security and accessibility, it can be used to store and share medical records in mobile applications and remote monitoring systems. Since the launch of the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021, the UAE is in fact encouraging the adoption of the technology nationwide.” 

He adds, “American Hospital Dubai has been and will continue to align its technology stack to participate in UAE’s strategy with regard to data sharing and exchange utilising blockchain to prove and enhance security.” 

Beshara also talked about robotic surgeries, utilizing Da Vinci robot as well as mebarking on a number of major digital transformation projects.

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