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Bitoda expands into digital securities

BitOoda has expanded its suite of digital asset financial services through the launch of a digital private placement and SAFT brokerage division, following approval of the company’s application to advise and act as a placement agent on private primary offerings of digital securities and broker secondary-market transactions for SAFTs (Simple Agreements for Future Tokens). BitOoda is a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission registered broker-dealer and a FINRA member. Within the digital private placement division, BitOoda will harness the potential of the blockchain to bring traditional capital markets to the digital era by providing advisory services to digital asset token issuers, as well as acting as a placement agent for digital securities. “At BitOoda we envision a future where currencies, equity, debt, and alterative assets are blockchain native. The launch of our digital private placement division marks the first step in contributing to this transition” BitOoda CEO Tim Kelly stated.

BitOoda’s SAFT brokerage division gives the U.S. digital asset ecosystem its first financial services firm for secondary-market SAFT trading that is fully compliant with securities regulations.

“This represents a milestone and much-needed regulatory clarity for the digital asset industry, and provides institutional investors with the oversight and protection in trading SAFTs that they are accustomed to when trading traditional securities,” said BitOoda Head of Business Development Ryan Porter.

Tim Kelly concluded, “We are now uniquely positioned as one of the first firms to compliantly offer investment advisory and brokerage services for digital assets, extending our already-robust regulatory credentials to help legitimize new sectors of the digital asset market.”

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