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UAE Crypto currency exchange now offering white label services

UAE based digital asset exchange Bitrump,  is helping the local crypto industry and enterprises with their highly scalable white label cryptocurrency exchange architecture and technology. The white-label solution comes with the benefit of Bitrumps’s advanced architecture and cutting-edge security protocols which can be leveraged for deployment and running of a new exchange.

Owing to a global network of users and high-performance of the exchange, Bitrump has garnered well-repute across geographies. It experiences constant surges in crypto trading volume, which has helped the exchange to grow its user base. “Offering the white label architecture we want to extend our assistance and expertise in crypto technology to enterprises and entrepreneurs in based locally to start their very own exchange at half the cost and effort”, mentioned Xavier Perry, the Director of Bitrump.

Bitrump’s white label solution allows access to highly agile and scalable crypto exchange architecture which can be customized as per one’s requirements to create the separate brand identity of the new exchange created in its image.

The exchange provides enhanced security and high-frequency trading of crypto assets through its white-label architecture. It comes with the promise of  quick and easy deployment of exchange making it user-ready instantly, high liquidity being linked with other global exchanges, AML and KYC support, Intuitive and user-friendly interface and admin panel and real-time execution of crypto trade with variety in the trading pairs

Bitrump’s white label exchange architecture fortifies through its augmented security solutions and protocols.  

Just last week Bitrump had announced that it added 30,000 new users in one month. 


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