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UAE Based Bitrump crypto exchange adds 30,000 new users

Cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform Bitrump, a digital asset trading platform in the UAE which supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Tether has announced in a press release that it has added 30,000 new users from various geographies in the past month alone.

As per the release, Although Bitrump is based in UAE, the exchange is operational in several countries with a robust network of the global user base. Since the initial days of getting launched the trading platform has shown steady build-up and constant trading volume surges. In the last few months, there has been a noteworthy amplification of user registration over the platform as reported by the company spokesperson.

“Bitrump aims to make crypto trading accessible to all, which we believe will ultimately contribute to the global adoption of digital assets trading. We offer scalable trading options to the users through our platform and make sure that they get the best prices, in comparison to other exchanges”, commented Xavier Perry, Director, Bitrump.

The release goes on to add the various features offered by Bitrump which include instant liquidity offered to users owing to the integration with major global exchanges, a wide range of trading pairs with the promise of real-time trade execution, instant KYC and AML support to the users, key encryption and multi-signature technology fortifies cold wallet storage of coins, all data transmission executed by encrypted transport layer security and 2-factor authentication validates any account settings changes and withdrawals

Earlier this year Bitrump had announced Raj Chowdhury as executive director. Chowdhury is well known in the blockchain ecosystem, yet no news followed this appointment. Then again in the same month a press release came out announcing that HashCash was launching a virtual currency on Bitrump. It is noteworthy that Raj is also CEO of HashGraph. Then again no further news or statements.

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