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Kaspersky gives ok to Tokeny Smart Contract Protocol

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has confirmed the security of Tokeny Solutions’ smart contract protocol, the Token for Regulated EXchanges (T-REX). The first version of the T-REX whitepaper was published in 2018 to enforce the compliant transfer of securities using blockchain technology. Today, the standard has been used by over 35 customers and tokenized more than $27bn across a range of asset classes; from real estate to equity and from funds to commodities. The T-REX, a protocol implemented by a set of smart contracts, enables a ‘compliance-first’ approach through the whitelisting of digital identities and not the wallets of the investors.

Svetlana Shubina, Business Development Manager at Kaspersky stated, ” Our team of experts review the code line-by-line documenting any issues as they are discovered. The source code is well crafted and follows security practices compliant with the architecture described in the whitepaper. Thereby we confirm smart-contract business-description and the architecture corresponds to the functionality in the code.”

Luc Falempin CEO of tokeny Solutions explained, ” We are working with financial instruments and with partners that require the highest level of security. In this respect we know how important it is to have a third party analyse and assess the implementation of our token standard. We’re very pleased to say it received the highest rating possible.”
Luc FalempinCEO of Tokeny Solutions

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