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UAE Trade8 Blockchain startup launches Ethereum fintech platform

Al Khaleej times recently interviewed a Blockchain startup out of UAE called Eighth Corporation by TRADE8 which aims to replace the traditional marketplace with smart technology.  Amin Namazi, Founder and CEO of Eighth Corporation, heads operations in the development of Financial Technology and its applications as a solution provider. He has more than 15 years of experience in management executive leadership, business strategy, financial analysis, software development, technology engineering, and business operations. 
Trade8 seeks to facilitate real time trade between manufacturers, merchants and consumers utilizing Blockchain. TRADE8 has made verified e-audited trade documents organised and available, such as credit history, financial statements, purchase orders, all trade contracts, complete audit trail of all transaction, and real time tax clearing and enrollment. In addition Trade8 is working to make Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Marketplace is possible utilizing blockchain. 
Trade8 utilizes Ethereum for its platform.  The goal of Trade8 according to their website is to be an all in one solution and offer a wide array of services from marketing to finance all within a single platform. The company was launched in January 2019 and since then its has garnered investments of 150,000 Euros followed by an ICO at the end of 2019. Investments were utilized to develop its technical functionality.  Trade8 uses Microsoft technology as well. 
This May Trade8 released its wallet and will be furthering the develop of its SME ( Small Medium Sized) user base this month. 
According to Namazi, ” We are pushing for fintech. The vision matters and we bring more lucidity into daily life of household consumers through affordable FinTech. If we investigate banking systems, there are many loopholes to improve and we see already more and to upgrade as a solution provider,” 
He adds in the article, “We are positioned in an era of internet technology where everything is moving faster. Our evolved system combined with artificial intelligence is the path to follow for any existing or new FinTech startup. I am bringing a new method into spot transactions by making the economy more efficient.” 
finally he states, “We must realise that an efficient economy is the most important factor for any newly elected government and in this new era of time, I believe any economic irregularities would be sign of weakness for an entire nation and its ruling law government. The automated artificial intelligence that I have developed will bring back economic order and higher efficiency into any economy. The vision of an entrepreneur matters, and I identify myself into genius simplified systems that Elon Musk is developing by bringing comfort and added value to the daily life of humankind in our planet earth.

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