UAE Gawah enters global digital currency marketplace

In order to expand its reach into the global digital currency marketplace, Gawah Holdings, a conglomerate based in the United Arab Emirates, has acquired a strategic equity stake in Clear Hedge Capital. Together with Gawah Holdings, Clear Hedge has extended its footprint globally and will now originate and underwrite digital currency backed wholesale cash loans of $10 million and above, targeting institutions and mining groups with longer borrowing time horizons who seek to post digital currency as collateral. 

Founder and Managing Member of Clear Hedge, Richard Tan says, “There is a deep void in true institutional lending in the digital space, and we look to provide solutions to this completely untapped market segment.” 

Gawah Holdings has taken and continues to acquire strategic ownership in various entities related to the blockchain space with the vision to create a full-service, vertically integrated business from development to alternative capital markets finance. 

 Few weeks earlier, Gawah Holdings acquired an equity stake in MASEX Exchange which is working on tokenization of assets. 


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