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Co Inventors of early Blockchain speaking in webinar in UAE

In Satoshi Nakamoto’s famous Bitcoin whitepaper, there are eight references to prior work on page 9. Three of those belong to W. Scott Stornetta and Stuart Haber, co-inventors of the early blockchain in BellCore circa 1991. Scott was out of limelight until recently when an old article in The New York Times from 1995 surfaced naming him as blockchain co-inventor and as more attention is paid by the broader media to where and how the blockchain got started

Impressed with the progress Dubai has made in implementing blockchain solutions, Scott agreed to do a live webinar for UAE audiences via Government Blockchain Association UAE . Beginning of this year, Scott had provided a keynote in the GBA Capitol Hill Conference inspiring many who would like to see mainstream adoption of blockchain. Scott who now works as Chief Scientist in Yugen Partners said about Dubai “I have a great deal of admiration for much of what has been accomplished in Dubai specifically and the UAE in general. Once things have normalized, I would like to meet with the government, learn about their particular blockchain efforts, and offer more detailed and individual advice as part of a keynote visit.” 

Scott would be coming live for UAE audiences on May 30th 2020 6 pm GST where he will discuss about his life, how did he conceive the idea of the first version of blockchain and what projects he is working on. Jorge Sebastio who is advisor of GBA UAE and CTO  Ecology of Huawei would join the panel to welcome the pioneer. Mohd Shahnawaz who is the president of Government Blockchain Association UAE said “It would be great to discuss with Scott about the origins of one of the most important innovations of this decade (blockchain) and what could be done for better adoption as he has been working on this more than any of us.” 

Those interested to attend on May 30 2020 6 pm GST can register by heading to



About Government Blockchain Association UAE:


GBA UAE is a technology agnostic global association whose mission is to bring together all levels of government from around the world with various industries to facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology to increase the quality of life for all citizens on a global level. Started in 2016, GBA has over 50 chapters around the world with headquarters in Virginia, USA.


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