Securitize launches new service Instant Access for P2P transactions

Securitize launches a new feature that allowed issuers of digital securities to offer new transfer options to investors. The new feature being launched is called nstant Access. 

According to Securitize blog,  Instant Access is a very significant release for issuers and their investors looking for liquidity. When allowed by the issuer, this feature enables investors in private securities to quickly and easily create compliant peer-to-peer transactions with no counterparty risk. What has typically been a very burdensome and time-consuming process (trading private securities) can now be completed compliantly in seconds with no fees other than the “gas costs” associated with the Ethereum blockchain.

This is the true manifestation of how blockchain-based securities implement instant delivery vs payment (DvP) transactions of securities with no counterparty risk.

The Securitize Instant Access feature is now available to all DS Protocol powered issuers in addition to Securitize other compliant secondary market integrations. Instant Access is built on Ethereum platform through AirSwap. 



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