UAE Based Avantas Tech develops Blockchain Powered MedsLOCK for pandemics

Avantas Tech based in the UAE has launched MedsLOCK a blockchain based platform, a monitoring, Control & Communication Ecosystem to provide real-time COVID-19 insights with integrity & intelligence. The Blockchain platform will provide real-time COVID-19 insights to governmental agencies, health officials, and other important stakeholders responding to the pandemic.

Avantas uses permission-based blockchain platform for MedsLOCK as blockchain contributes to all three areas of preparing, responding and recovering from epidemic situations. This is especially important given the current level of mistrust, confusion around various data sources for efforts around COVID-19 response. According to Muhammad Salman Anjum, Managing Director of Avantas, “it is crucial to have a reliable source of information as the whole world fights against this breakout. MedsLOCK empowers the critical need for integrity and intelligence in the ongoing collection and distribution of data to multiple parties. The core objective of MedsLOCK is to makes COVID-19 data collection and exchange transparent and trusted using distributed ledger technology.”

 Utilizing information from various sources MedsLOCK will deliver synchronized supply chains for medical, food & other critical goods in its upcoming version. In its first release it will provide, advice to  media & citizens with trusted information, managing medical and other data relevant to outbreak of COVID-19, coordinating welfare activities & tracking donations, issuance of e-certificates to citizens for their Official COVID-19 status in its third version, as well as tele-medication & treatment for COVID-19 cases  and features for strategic preparedness for future epidemics.  For demos you can go to MedsLOCK Verifier

Avantas has teams working on MedsLOCK across UAE, Pakistan, South East Asia & Malaysia. The teams are developing the application on Blockchain platform called Maxonrow with built in KYC feature.  According to Anjum, “Privacy is a key issue during this pandemic and as such blockchain platforms ensure that information is shared without compromising privacy. After data collection is the important task of data analytics we are just ensuring we are adding trust to the data flow.”  Maxonrow is the First Operating Blockchain Ecosystem in the world designed for governance, and auditing purposes. In the UAE, Avantas is chaired by H.E. Sheikh Khaled Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the team comprises of Mr. Sebastian Diaconu as CEO, and Mr. Carlo Chung as Chief technology officer.

According to Anjum, few government authorities managing COVID-19 crisis have already shown strong interest in MedsLOCK. He explains, “Authorities are getting impressed during the demo sessions with the features of MedsLOCK, and its ability to easily integrate with legacy systems with low cost. In addition they liked the aspect that we are offering MedsLOCK based on OPEX model where they pay as they use.”

Avantas is already working in the GCC region on blockchain pilots such as with the Municipality of Mekkah in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). They also have ongoing project with International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO – The UN Body) as well as other projects in the pipeline with entities across the GCC and Asia.

Today MedsLOCK MVP is ready and team is working on developing further application layers on continuous basis. As Anjum states, “We believe that with MedsLOCK we can save lives not only now but in the future by preparing efficiently for future pandemics.”

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