UAE GoCardi partners with MenaPay Blockchain SuperApp

MenaPay the first blockchain-based payment SuperApp, established in Dubai MenaPay has expanded its merchant network in the MENA region with the recent partnership with GOcardi. Established in 2011, in UAE, GOcardi is one of the first and largest online stores in the MENA region, serving more than two million consumers with digital services that cater the increasing demand of the MENA region.

GOcardi offers consumers the convenience and the instant delivery of digital items, in a world that is craving for rapid services. Whether a supplier who is looking for a digital store that operates in one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, or a reseller who is looking for a convenient store that offers digital services at wholesale prices, or even a telecom company that wants to offer its users the access to its local and international services can use GOcardi as a platform for distribution.

With the new partnership GOcardi and MenaPay, users can pay subscription fees of Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, Playstation, Fortnite, and many other services or you can buy gift cards for these services instantly from the GOcardi website by using MenaPay. They can make payments on the GOcardi website without giving any personal information and credit card details by choosing the ‘Pay with MenaPay’ option at the end of the payment process. Thanks to blockchain technology, users can benefit from easy, fast and secure financial services with the privilege of MenaPay. 

To facilitate everyone’s participation in the digital economy, the MenaPay team, which continues to increase its collaborations from all over the world, stated that the fast and secure payment system offered by ManaPay will make a difference for customers who do not prefer to use banks, especially in the Middle East and North Africa region, which is called MENA after their agreements with GOcardi.

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