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Dutch Government to use Blockchain to fight Covid19

In a unique initiative, the Dutch government may use blockchain technology to fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The technology will be provided by “Tech Against Corona” a blockchain initiative by a consortium of Dutch companies.

Tymlez, a Netherlands-based distributed ledger technology firm, is one of the members of the consortium who are allowing the government access to their technologies and service to fight against the coronavirus. The pandemic has infected thousands of people across the globe and caused a shutdown/lockdown in various parts of the world.

 Entire industries and economies are now facing acute troubles because of the pandemic as economic activities come to a halt. After China, Europe has emerged as one of the worst affected regions with COVID-19. The number of cases in the US is also rising.

The blockchain platform developed by Tymlez could be used to “model the medical goods ecosystem through a platform that matches supply and demand.” The blockchain can be used to ensure that there is transparency in the supply chain. It would be useful in preventing predatory value extractions like price gauging which could be helpful for the authorities during the pandemic.

Other companies extending their support to the government include Cybersprint, a cybersecurity firm which is providing security services to hospitals in the country. Taxion, an information security firm, is administering online systems that help organize volunteer workers. Compumatica, an IT firm, is enhancing the internet connections of people working in critical service industries who have been instructed to work from home.  KPN, the Dutch telecom company, is also partnering with Microsoft, to provide computing systems to the world as a part of the initiative.

But the Dutch are not limited to blockchains alone. They are using Bitcoin to gain an advantage as well. The Dutch Red Cross has now started accepting payments via Bitcoin through its website. The Italian Red Cross has also started accepting cryptocurrencies. It recently raised over $20,000 in Bitcoin to buy medical supplies which included an advanced medical post for the coronavirus patients that provides the pre-triage treatment.

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