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MiPasa launches to fight Covid19 using Blockchain

With the cooperation of the World Health Organization, HongKong Department of Health, Canadian Government, center of disease control in US as well as others, including companies such as Hacera, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

With data being the key to making informed decisions during the Covid19 outbreak, MiPasa, a  multidisciplinary supergroup of health professionals, privacy experts, and software developers, backed by leading technology companies and commercial entities has been formed.

Utilizing powerful analytics and privacy tools that were up until now only available to elite financial institutions, The group has found a way to gather reliable, quality data, and make it easily accessible to the appropriate entities in order to efficiently battle the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic in a humane, fair and more sustainable manner.

The platform is powered by Blockchain, Driven by Care. MiPasa is a global-scale control and communication system that enables a swift and more precise early detection of COVID-19 carriers and infection hotspots through seamless and fully private information sharing between individuals, state authorities and health institutions such as hospitals and HMOs, utilizing advanced technological tools and a dedicated user app.

MiPasa is the first tool to securely and democratically manage COVID-19 outbreaks by crossing siloed health and location data,  while fully and unwaveringly protecting the privacy of its users. Outsmarting Coronavirus using Crowd Data (the Intelligence of the Crowd)

MiPasa can help monitor and foresee local and global epidemiological trends and detect likely asymptomatic carriers by feeding big data on infection routes and occurrences to powerful AI processors around the world.

It is 100% Audited and Verifiable Data-Workflows. It works to utilize advanced technologies that were developed to comply with the strictest privacy regulations and were  up until now only available to leading financial institutions.

They  are using privacy and cryptography modules that have not just been scientifically proven academically,  but ones that have been implemented by the world’s top applied cryptographers and these modules are being used by certified mission-critical systems, in production, today.

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