Blockchain MenaPay now a Super App with new features

Super applications, so-called SuperApps bring numbers of services together in one application. With SuperApps, users can meet multiple needs within a single application without having to install several applications on their smartphones. SuperApps become more popular day by day among users because of functionality, decreasing consumed time and storage at the same time. One of the most reputable magazines Forbes states that most of the mobile applications are trying to evolve into a SuperApp which users can satisfy their wide-range needs like from grocery shopping to buying theatre tickets or making vacation plans.

Blockchain-based SuperApp MenaPay, which onboards everyone to participate in the digital economy with a user-friendly interface, continues to accomplish new targets to achieve its vision by new technological infrastructure investments. After a comprehensive technical development process, the mobile payment application MenaPay has been updated as SuperApp by offering new features.

Including various services in one application, the first blockchain-based SuperApp, MenaPay SuperApp, allows users to reach one-click to financial solutions and entertainment tools.

On the MenaPay SuperApp application, users can easily transfer money and make both online and offline payments, purchase E-pins for hundreds of games, make cryptocurrency transactions, invest with their cryptocurrencies through the “staking” process. Furthermore users can reach social tools with one-click and make donations by connecting their Twitch account to MenaPay SuperApp.

MenaPay, which closely follows and innovates the developments in SaaS trends on a global scale, is not only a mobile payment application which provides solutions to millions of people, but also offers additional features such as purchasing virtual credits (E-pins), buying and selling cryptocurrencies, staking, donating on Twitch. Now, MenaPay SuperApp extended its serving areas to move its unique user experience to higher levels. Stating that they continue to work on developing features in MenaPay SuperApp, MenaPay team revealed 3 brand new features will be added until the half of 2020.


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