Beijing issues first Blockchain parking invoice


In a recent article published in Coinidol, it was announced that Beijing had issues the first blockchain electronic parking invoice in the parking lot of Hanwei international plaza.  According to the relevant person from the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau (BMTB), this parking fee is connected to the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau’s blockchain electronic bill system to make blockchain-based invoicing and payments possible. 

From now on, the parking lot in Beijing can realize the automatic integration of charging and invoicing. After scanning the code and paying, consumers don’t have to wait for and save paper bills of lading, and can issue and save electronic ordinary DLT proof of purchase online. Excellent, taxpayers no longer have to travel to and from the tax office to purchase tickets. The DLT digital regular invoice test will be implemented in phases from Beijing’s fixed parking tickets, self-printed park tickets, and taxi invoices. In the future, more application scenarios of blockchain electronic invoices will be expanded to cover more industries and tickets.  

The BMTB aims to implement the State Council ’s decision to speed up the preferment and use of digital invoices and optimize the tax business environment. In order to promote the pilot work of automated ordinary bill issuance, the BMTB conducted a full investigation and analysis of the ticket business and the billing service, and designed and produced an electronic regular invoice based on blockchain technology for the above units. Issued a plan, completed the functional review of the blockchain electronic ordinary invoice service management platform and system interface debugging. 

The DLT-based digital regular invoice that was launched is based on the blockchain’s native electronic statement, which is different from the simple automated invoice on-chain. It is based on the DLT to establish an electronic invoice alliance chain, which combines ticket types, tax rates, and commodities. 

According to the relevant person in charge of the BMTB, the current step is the first step in the construction of blockchain digital invoices. Next, we will continue to collect, sort out, and summarize the problems in the application link, and do the related optimization work to facilitate a more stable system and a more streamlined process. Optimization, more in line with the practical needs of taxpayers. Based on the pilot optimization in the future, the city’s park tickets, fixed parking tickets, taxi bills, etc. will be progressively included in the management of digital DLT invoices in Beijing. 



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