Monetha decentralized reputation platform partners with Wolfram Blockchain labs

Leading decentralized reputation platform, Monetha, headquartered in Luthiania has partnered with Wolfram Blockchain Labs who has selected the enterprise-grade blockchain platform to work with, joining R&D efforts as Wolfram’s idea that “computational contracts” will underpin the future of digital payments is within striking distance.

Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL) is a subsidiary of Wolfram Research exclusively licensed with powerful Wolfram blockchain technologies and specifically designed to extend ecosystem tools for application development for decentralised ledger technology (DLTs). Wolfram has been at the forefront of providing machine-ready computable data for over a decade to Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. 

Stephen Wolfram, scientist, entrepreneur, and creator who founded Wolfram Research, said: “Thanks to our 30+ years of work on Wolfram Language—we’re now beginning to have a computational language that has the scope to formulate “computational contracts” that can specify relevant kinds of constraints in computational terms, in a form that humans can write and understand, and that machines can automatically interpret.”

Computational data that can now be applied to specifically to blockchain smart contracts. Both teams will join R&D forces leveraging WBL’s tools for blockchain analytics and, perhaps most importantly, providing computational data for smart contracts. Monetha’s expertise in data exchange, processing cryptocurrency transactions and building blockchain technology layers will be invaluable for computational exploration by WBL in the evolution of smart oracles to computational contracts.

Monetha is a blockchain company launched in January 2017. The reputation platform works on the Ethereum based blockchain network that is designed with smart contract technology. Monetha’s co-founder, Justas Pikelis said: “We are honoured to be selected by Stephen Wolfram, a legend in the tech world and a genius in the computing space to work together in the evolution of blockchain. We instantly clicked because we had a similar vision for this technology and a shared vision that both Wolfram and Monetha have great potential to create products and services that will shape the future of this extraordinary tech.”

Monetha’s CTO and co-founder Andrej Ruckij added, “As technologists, we are excited to establish a partnership with WBL, the subsidiary of Wolfram – the foremost computational intelligence company. It is truly exciting to add these possibilities into our platform and enable access to computational data while tackling identity, reputation, and fraud prevention-related challenges.”

Jon Woodard, CEO for Wolfram Blockchain Labs, added, “We’ve interacted with Monetha for a couple of years and have had the opportunity to watch them develop a number of useful decentralized reputation and identity services. So, it is exciting to be able to enhance Monetha offerings with Wolfram Technologies.” 

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