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Quras Blockchain partners with Blockchain NIgeria User Group

QURAS, a next-gen blockchain protocol that enables anonymous, private-protected transactions, has partnered with the leading blockchain non-profit associations in Africa, Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG). By partnering with BNUG, QURAS looks to expand its community and developer base beyond Asia to greater Africa ahead of its mainnet launch in early April.

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and started in 2016, BNUG’s vision is to champion blockchain technology education, development, and adoption in Nigeria and across Africa. BNUG works with all levels of government, including SEC Nigeria, to support business growth and career opportunities in blockchain technology while promoting community development initiatives, increasing industry competitiveness, and enhancing consumer safety. The association provides its members with a range of services and programs focused on education and training, best practices, networking, and advocacy. BNUG has over 5,000 active members today.

Recently, BNUG launched the #BlockchainDev1000 initiative aimed at providing participants with the foundational knowledge of blockchain decentralized application development and multi-platform exposures for building smart contracts. BNUG is currently training participants on Ethereum, IBM Hyperledger, Tezos and ViteLab platforms. By partnering with QURAS, initiative participants will also be trained on the QURAS platform. The #BlockchainDev1000 initiative empowers BNUG to help develop the skillsets that will be relevant in building the decentralized future and transforming Africa while working within a pro-innovation regulatory framework.

With this partnership, QURAS is looking to bring its self-sustaining ecosystem to Africa, one that shares all transaction fees with project owners and, in turn, supports protocol adoption and long-term viability. When asked about partnership merits, BNUG’s leader, Chimezie Chuta said, “The partnership will provide QURAS with massive brand exposure in Africa. Secondly, our local developers will be exposed to the QURAS privacy-focused blockchain platform and they will be able to learn how to build solutions on the platform.”

Chimezie continued, saying, “It shows social responsibility when a brand, like QURAS, identifies itself with the noble causes instilled in BNUG’s vision. It has a way of deeply engaging the project with the greater community, which in turn will increase usage and participation. You will see the QURAS project grow organically not only in Nigeria, but across Africa. Nigeria has a population of 200 million people, and breaking into such market gives open access to the greater emerging market economies of sub-Saharan Africa.”

When interviewed, Shigeki Kakutani, QURAS’ CEO, said he is very excited to collaborate with BNUG and a build a bridge between Asia and Africa. “Currently, there are more than 500 blockchain engineers in BNUG and we envision the association to reach their target of 1,000 engineers. A strong and growing developer community is very important for QURAS as these engineers will lead the future development of applications on our platform,” said Shigeki. “The QURAS team already has a Community Manager living in Lagos who will help manage partnership efforts between our organizations. I am grateful to be partnering with such a great association.”


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