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Bimtrazer to use NEM Blockchain platform to oversee FIFA 2022 construction project

Bimtrazer signed an MOU with a Qatari company to use its BIM, AI, and Blockchain platform to manage civil works and infrastructure construction for Qatar FIFA 2020 project

Bimtrazer, a Chilean and Argentinian company that manages civil works and infrastructure based on BIM, AI and Blockchain has signed a memorandum of understanding with Qatar to apply its solutions in the ongoing construction works for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

This news was first reported in Cointelegraph’s Spanish edition.  According to Bimtrazer website,” the company offers a solution whereby it manages construction projects by atomizing the model into coded blockchain under the criteria of real and bounded construction.  Dependencies are established with other blocks according to their constructive sequence. The blocks are serialized and synchronized to the project schedule. The building inspector certifies the construction quality of the executed block and that code is transmitted by telemetry to the platform. Artificial Intelligence algorithms analyze the geometries and yields of the blocks executed in the model. The quantities of general work are quantified, the blocks with critical path delays are detected and the constructive items are evaluated in a learning machine to determine future behavior and predict the impact by displacement.

This information is then shared, automatically and selectively, on a virtual workspace, called CDE (Common Data Environment), made up of the architects, engineers and contractors who direct and execute the construction.”

According to Bimtrazer website, “Blockchain is the safest mechanism to guarantee the integrity of work progress records.”

Bimtrazer uses NEM blockchain platform Symbol, as it focuses mainly on speed, scalability and versatility of use. Bimtrazer believes that The NEM smart asset system is ideal for storing information metadata and decentralizing it in more than 1,000 nodes around the world.

With Doha Qatar hosting the 22nd edition of FIFA Men’s Woorld Cup in 2022, is preparing to receive a million and a half fans and will require at least 60,000 hotel rooms to be ready. Other emblematic works await completion, such as Sharq Crossing, a project designed by the Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatraba, which consists of a set of three interconnected bridges, with underwater tunnels, which will cover almost ten kilometers, joining the Hamad International Airport with the city’s cultural district and the central district of West Bay. The mega work expects to be started in March of this year.

“In an effort to achieve these goals in a timely manner, Qatar is open to the utilization of technologies that optimize the construction process, with this in mind Bimtrazer signed an MOU with a Qatari company, the name not disclosed in the statement. The statement adds, “This agreement includes a pilot of the platform that will oversee the construction works for the FIFA World Cup 2020, and the usage of Blockchain as well for tracing the quantity of material being utilized.”

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