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Cerviero Ethereum Blockchain agriculture platform to launch in UAE

Cerviero, a plant cultivation system which is using latest technologies including Ethereum blockchain and others, is operating what is called Hydroponics. It uses DLT ( Distributed Ledger Technology). Organization using Cerviero would be able to connect all of the hardware and software, the irrigation algorithms, data processing systems, production, fertilizers and supply chain management tools on the blockchain. The system would be monitored almost 24/7 and provided with real-time access to only the authorized personnel to track the production rates and plant output.

The Cerviero project is planned to service initially in the economy of UAE (United Arab Emirates) and to help to generate sufficient plant-based foods for those countries that are residing typically in a desert or a water scarce zone.  Cerviero project is undergoing an Initial Exchange offering that kicks off on the 13th of January until February 18th 2020 . It will consist of 2 different rounds with separate pricing levels (rewarding the early contributors) and it will end on February 18th. The AQUA tokens are said to be the proprietary payment vehicles for the Cerviero Hydroponics system and they would be sold at a starting price of $0.21 cents per piece.

The Ground Zero for the Cerviero initiative has been selected to be the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to its arid climate, the deficiencies of an arable land and the extremely scarce water resources. It is a place with a high GDP having a per capita to be one of the highest in the whole world. There are minimal opportunities to grow or cultivate plant-based foods at the local level. Presently UAE is importing more than almost 85% of the food from other countries. Achieving food production sustainability or even improving it is considered to be among the country’s priorities for their economic development and the Cerviero system can help to achieve just that.

Cerviero is powered by the use of hydroponics that allows bypassing of the need for an actual soil in order to grow or to cultivate plants in the different water solutions. The Hydroponics makes use of the various minerals and nutrients that are dissolved in the water. All the important materials are infused in the solution that can support and in most cases even accelerate the plant growth.

The system uses Blockchain to keep track of all the operations, inputs, as well as outputs of the Cerviero system, to measure the level of efficiency and production capacity. The Blockchain technology was selected given its capabilities to record as well as archive all operations in the system hence ensuring authenticity and transparency.

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