Blox and Origin Protocol Collaborate to Introduce Crypto Finance Tools

Blox, a platform for crypto accounting, tax and asset management, has collaborated with Origin Protocol to enable automated tools for helping marketplace operators, investors and finance professionals within their decentralized marketplace. The recent launch of the Origin Token (OGN) on Binance and marketplace platform marks one of the first ecosystems to facilitate peer-to-peer crypto transactions for the buying, selling and trading of goods and services online. This collaboration signals the strengthening relationships between crypto companies working together to securely and easily engage and transact in digital economies. 

The new Blox collaboration enables access for OGN investors and marketplace operators  with powerful tools to review and export transaction history, monitor portfolio revenue or prepare for tax reporting. By simplifying the syncing and connecting of Origin marketplace operators into the Blox platform, Blox enables intelligent finance and bookkeeping tools to help professionals protect their bottom line. The Origin Platform supports a variety of currencies, including OGN, and businesses must accurately maintain comprehensive records of asset history, track profit and loss, review end of day balances or calculate cost basis. Until today, businesses have never had access to such tools. 

“Traditionally in a distributed ecosystem, most businesses are ill-equipped to manage crypto finances using traditional tools, making it difficult to operate effectively. Origin Protocol relies on Blox for our crypto accounting and asset management needs, and now we are sharing these same features and powerful solutions to our users, investors and marketplace operators,” said Matthew Liu, Co-founder of Origin Protocol. 

Origin Protocol, a startup disrupting the future of peer-to-peer commerce, has launched a marketplace for peer-to-peer transactions, removing intermediaries to directly connect vendors with consumers. Additionally, they have listed their new token, OGN, which allows investors to own a piece of the network, participate in its governance and to encourage new users to join in on the Origin marketplace. 

“Businesses big or small that enter the gig-economy workplace are generally underpowered when it comes to managing their business finances, daily bookkeeping, annual accounting or tax preparation. We are proud to provide this amazing marketplace with the tools needed to help their businesses and marketplace to succeed,” said Alon Muroch, CEO and Co-Founder of Blox.

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