CLPS to Drive IT Innovation Growth

CLPS to Drive IT Innovation Growth

CLPS Incorporation (Nasdaq: CLPS) ("CLPS" or "the Company"), announced that its research center, CLPS Research, has been renamed the CLPS Innovation Lab. The renaming emphasizes the Company's capabilities of researching and developing cutting-edge technology with a focus on continuous scientific and technological innovation to provide clients with more comprehensive and efficient IT services.

Building upon the legacy of CLPS Research's achievements, CLPS Innovation Lab will be committed to the research and application of innovative technologies, including distributed application systems, cloud computing, micro services, open API, robotic process automation (RPA), blockchain, and big data, among other technologies.

Ms. Jing Zhao, Vice President of CLPS Innovation Lab, said, "CLPS Innovation Lab remains dedicated and focused on exploring cutting-edge technology. In the past year, we have implemented RPA and big data on CLPS's human resources and financial management systems, which meaningfully improved operational efficiency. In addition, we deployed RPA to our clients, and we have received positive feedback on our technology. In the next two to three years, we intend to apply more innovative technologies to our internal management systems to further reduce operational costs. The learnings derived from our internal implementations will then enable us to offer the technologies to our clients with improved IT services efficiency and client satisfaction."

Mr. Henry Li, Chief Operating Officer of CLPS, commented, "CLPS Innovation Lab adheres to our strategy of promoting our products and solutions based on new technology and new research, application innovations, and our leading talent pool, while improving our technological innovation capability and market competitiveness. As the center of our research and development efforts, it will continue to be one of the most important drivers of CLPS's growth."


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