2020 Tax Season Requires Stronger Solutions from SaaS Technology Providers

2020 Tax Season Requires Stronger Solutions from SaaS Technology Providers

Avii™ (www.avii.com), provider of the Avii Workspace™ unified SaaS platform for tax, audit, advisory, compliance and management consulting firms, predicts the 2020 tax season will further expose the growing chasm between ever increasing challenges for tax professionals and the deficiencies of aged accounting software.

Challenges including security risks, tax law evolution, and new tax categories such as cryptocurrency along with consumer demand for immediacy and transparency are causing professionals and firms with aging software technology to fall further behind.

“Yet again we’re heading into another tax season with evolving needs and new complexities the software industry has failed to resolve,” said Avii cofounder and CEO Lyle Ball. “In the U.S. we have more than 500,000 CPAs and more than 500,000 professionals surrounding them who are extremely frustrated with accounting software that fails to provide sufficient automation and connectivity for their internal and client-facing workflows.”

“The heightened frustration with accounting software has been building for more than five years as the AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) has amplified its pleas to the software industry to do a better job, while many firms have attempted to patch together their own solutions based on broad market platforms like Salesforce,” Ball continued.

With a 19-year legacy in enterprise cloud solution development for some of the world’s largest accounting firms including KPMG, Avii began addressing these deficiencies during the 2019 tax season with Avii Workspace, a unified accounting platform that solves these problems for firms of all sizes.

In addition to its suite of 12 accounting applications, Avii syncs with many best-of-class solutions to provide accountants with the comfort of using the software they currently rely on while adding the features those applications are missing.

“The evolving complexity of the U.S. taxation system is unlikely to change,” said Jason Caldwell, Avii CTO. “For profitability, as well as compliance and accuracy, it is vitally important to unify and automate the critical business functions that allow firms to increase productivity and satisfaction while reducing costs and lowering their dependence and need for IT.”


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