Forte and Kongregate use blockchain to create an engaging gaming community

In a press release on their website, Kongregate Forte state the following “earlier this year, we announced a $100M developer fund to help accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in games. We believe blockchain will unlock new economic and creative opportunities for the games community at large, and have been building easy-to-use tools using open protocols like Interledger so developers can properly — and effectively — harness the potential that blockchain offers games. But we haven’t been doing it alone. We’ve been working closely with a diverse and immensely talented group of developer partners to help ensure that our platform technologies meet their needs, while also leveraging our experience in economy and game design to help them build the best experiences for their respective player communities. Kongregate is one of those developers”. 

The PR team added “sometimes, though, games bring us together through online communities. Kongregate is one such community. In 2006, the long-running gaming portal set out to provide independent developers with an open platform to host their games and engage directly with their player communities—a refreshingly progressive and prescient move at the time given today’s gaming landscape. Over a decade later, the portal’s become a resounding success, and currently hosts over 125K games, all free for players around the world to enjoy”.

Kongregate has grown to be much more than a web portal, it is also a game developer, publisher, and PC games platform responsible for over 250M game downloads, multiple Editor’s Choice titles, and a combined community of over 8M players—each a remarkable achievement on its own, but extraordinary together. 

What connected both companies was their mission: to nurture the growth and health of independent game developers and player communities. 

They continueed “we’re building the Forte platform to jumpstart a new generation of games where the player-developer relationship is both healthier and more sustainable. As such, we intimately understand, genuinely appreciate, and fully support Kongregate’s mission. And it’s why they’re one of our first developer partners in bringing blockchain technology to the masses”. 

Kongregate will be using the Forte platform to create an engaging community program that lets players earn rewards by completing unique challenges, playing games on their portal, and more. These blockchain-based rewards will be fully controlled by the players, and will help strengthen Kongregate’s developer and players communities in ways not possible until now. Expect to hear more details in the coming months. 

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