xx network announces token economics

xx network announces token economics

The xx network has announced new details regarding the token economics of the xx coin, the revolutionary blockchain and cryptocurrency led by David Chaum, founder of Elixxir and Praxxis.

The announcement, published as an addendum to the xx network Whitepaper, adds detail and clarity to the economic incentivization of stakeholders within the xx network ecosystem.  Network token economics address how the decentralized xx network will align the interests of stakeholders such as node operators, dApp developers, and ordinary users. Members of the public can read the updated whitepaper at xx-coin.io.

"The xx coin is a digital currency designed to support and incentivize the decentralized ecosystem of the xx network," said David Chaum. "The token economics of the xx network are a critical building block of our strong foundation to assure longterm privacy, usability, and security. We are excited to share these details with the community."

To promote public understanding of the xx network, xx coin, and token economics, the xx network team is currently hosting an eight-part series of free webinars.  Community members can register to attend the webinars, ask questions, and provide feedback via the Praxxis website.

This token economics announcement comes soon after the release of the xx network Whitepaper and technical documents published by Elixxir and Praxxis. Elixxir technology enables the xx network to provide unprecedented privacy protection by shredding user metadata. Praxxis technology provides the xx network with its xx coin currency and a consensus protocol which incorporates endorser sampling, linear scaling, committed randomness, and compact endorsement signatures to deliver efficient quantum security.


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