Equilibrium Partners with CPUcoin In Preparation for Their MediaRich Automatic Content Cloud

Equilibrium Partners with CPUcoin In Preparation for Their MediaRich Automatic Content Cloud

CPUcoin (cpucoin.io), developer of the Compute Generation Network (CGN), today announced its partnership with Equilibrium, the company that pioneered dynamic imaging and video auto-assembly technology. As part of this agreement, CPUcoin will launch the first dService (decentralized server apps) powered by CPUcoin’s CPU/GPU MediaGen sharing economy, based on the MediaRich all content server for rendering, transcoding, normalization and streaming over 450 file types. 

The CPUcoin Compute Generation Network (CGN) is already available for production batch and dynamic image transformations with the total computing power capable of processing millions of digital assets per hour. Existing customers of Equilibrium will be offered early access to the sharing economy and two new product offerings are currently in beta on the network to be launched as part of MediaRich Cloud.

MediaRich currently powers multiple Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Adidas, Warner Bros, and The Department of Energy. Equilibrium is the publisher of the patented, massively scalable MediaRich engine for enabling automatic real-time personalization, preparation and delivery of office files, sound, music, images and video to website, wireless and portable devices from any original file to any viewer on-the-fly. CPUcoin will provide Equilibrium MediaRich with automatic scalability while enabling connectivity in Equilibrium’s cloud content publishing offering and the company’s OneViewer for Microsoft Office 365, as well as integrations into other systems via APIs and widgets to be made available for others to use on the CPUcoin Compute Generation Network.

“The partnership with Equilibrium enables CPUcoin to onboard large-scale enterprises directly  on to our network, thus driving enterprise adoption and enhanced utility of the native token, something rarely seen in the blockchain space. Moreover, Equilibrium will provide us with the first scalable ‘real world’ use case for decentralized compute power by solving enterprise-class tasks for batch processing and simple on-demand delivery requests for user experience requirements,” said Oliver Jensen, Head of Product at CPUcoin, “it does this through a decentralized sharing economy without requirements to pre-set up hardware, deal with load balancing, resiliency or other issues associated with scaling services, all while rewarding users (miners) for their machines and enabling developers to scale their business at a fraction of the cost of other hosted environments.”

The first dApp launched by Equilibrium is a new hosted decentralized freemium product called MediaRich® Publisher, which enables instant collaboration across hundreds of file formats. The second dApp, ThumbnaiLIT™, is a simple upload utility (delivered as a series of widgets) for solving the consistent issues surrounding  thumbnailing and ingesting any format into any user experience (i.e. no more filetype, preview or size problems to upload your photo, office or PDF file into any web page or user profile). 

Already with hundreds of machines on the testnet, CPUcoin represents the first true enterprise-grade global sharing economy solution for unused CPU/GPU power. CPUcoin technology enables anyone to install a miner client and collect funds for unused compute time. Unlike traditional crypto currency mining, the CPUcoin miner adds any machine to the CGN grid compute network instantly. Then all requests are sent to the CPUcoin Compute Generation Network providing a platform for automatically deploying and scaling Decentralized Server Applications and DApps that are enterprise-class. The Compute Generation Network pays users for the idle time of servers, mobile devices and PC computers. The CGN effectively eliminates the hassle and high expenses associated with provisioning, managing and scaling applications on a global scale, while providing end users with up to five times more computational throughput than traditional cloud providers like AWS Lambda. 


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