Nikolai Udianskyi Leaves Coinsbit

Nikolai Udianskyi Leaves Coinsbit

Nikolai Udianskyi announced he has left Coinsbit and created a marketing company that's attracting investments in Ukraine and worldwide. Udianskyi, CEO and co-founder of the Coinsbit exchange, said he sold his stake in the business to ITECOSYSTEM OU.  Coinsbit, recognized by Forbes as one of TOP-10 blockchain companies in Asia in 2018, recently attracted a record 1.1 million users.

Udianskyi also is founder of ASSUR insurance company and IT company Prof-It, which develops projects on the blockchain, including cryptocurrency exchange. ASSUR insurance company has provided services to the crypto industry.

CIS has emerged as a dynamic, ambitious and prospering region and a crypto industry hotspot, said Udianskyi, due to reasonable taxes, affordable workforce, relaxed state regulations and cheap energy, creating "a perfect environment for blockchain businesses."   

Udianskyi is developing a new exchange in Canada in the process of licensing.  He sees North American market vastly promising for The new company activities include the cryptocurrency market.

Udianskyi also will invest in the IT segment of Ukraine, partnering with major Asian players and participate in developing a system for serious diseases diagnosing based on x-ray images using AI, including such data in blockchain database.

He said North America remains the major export destination for Kharkiv IT industry with almost 75 percent of total sales in 2018.   

Also, he sees enormous opportunities in Asia as only 1% of Ukrainian resources work for Asia. As Asian investors are currently in high demand worldwide, he sees them opening a new vector for his ceaseless entrepreneurship. 

Coinsbit Cryptocurrency Exchange created in 2018 was recognized as an innovator.  As CEO and Co-Founder of the exchange, Udianskyi received praise for providing high performance and security, including 10 K transactions per second, over 1 M TCP connections, 24/7 support in 12 languages. For higher security, 95% of funds were stored in cold wallets. Coinsbit was also integrated with 200 K POS-terminals in Korea, Vietnam, China, India.


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